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Minecrafting of Minecraft Game


The player has access to a 2×2 crafting grid in their Inventory screen which can be used anytime the screen is brought up. Crafting recipes that are at most 2×2 materials wide and tall can be crafted there, like wooden planks, sticks and Crafting Tables. To craft with a 3×3 grid, create a Crafting Table, place it anywhere and right-click on it. This brings up a pop-up screen which allows the player to assemble any crafting recipe in the game, as the maximum size for a recipe is 3×3.

Minerafting is the method by which many blocks, tools, and other resources are made in Minecraft. It is a function only available in Beta mode, as well as the removed Indev, Infdev and Alpha modes. In order to craft something, the player must move items from their inventory into the crafting grid, then arrange them into the pattern representing the item(s) they wish to create. As long as the proper pattern of resources is placed, it will not matter where within the grid the ingredients are placed. Crafting recipes can also be flipped horizontally from their depictions in the graphs below: for instance, you can make a bow with the strings on the right instead of the left.

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